Welcome to Deputat Board & Lodge – A Comfortable and Welcoming Home

Experience a serene and supportive environment in a historic mansion, designed specifically for mature men seeking long-term residence.


Are you searching for a place to call home, where you can enjoy the company of like-minded men in a peaceful and supportive atmosphere? At Deputat Board & Lodge, we pride ourselves on providing comfortable and affordable accommodations tailored specifically for men aged 50 and older. Our beautiful neo-Georgian mansion offers not just a place to live, but a welcoming community where you can build lasting friendships and create cherished memories.

Finding suitable long-term housing can be challenging, especially for mature men seeking a quiet, friendly, and community-oriented environment. Traditional housing options often lack the personalized touch and camaraderie that are essential for a fulfilling and connected life.


Deputat Board & Lodge is dedicated to solving this issue by offering an inviting and comfortable living experience that fosters a sense of belonging. Our residents enjoy:


1. A variety of private and semi-private rooms designed with your comfort in mind


2. A close-knit community of like-minded men who share common interests and values


3. Nutritious meals, laundry services, and common areas for socializing and relaxation


4. A rich history spanning over five decades, with a caring and experienced management team


5. A prime location in the historic Whittier Neighborhood of Minneapolis, surrounded by beautiful parks and amenities, and conveniently close to public transportation.

House's Offerings

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First floor lobby and common area; guys like to sit here and read, visit, socialize, and play puzzles.



One of our second floor bedrooms designed for optimum comfort and a great view; this room includes two large closets for all your storage needs.



This is the original dining room envisioned by William Channing Whitney (architect of governor's residence). Bedecked by original Steuben fixtures and some original furnishings.



Satellite TV with all the cable programming you need, WiFi, so you can obtain the internet from your laptop and smart phone. a number of books from our book shelf where one can read. Playing cards and board games where our men can visit with one another.



Our front yard was designed by award winning landscape architect, Robert Williams; whose work includes the master plan running from Minnehaha Falls to Fort Snelling, and numerous Minneapolis parks.



Our second floor, west facing, bedroom with a view of our stunning, private back garden(can only be viewed by our residents).

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What our clients say about us

Testimonial - Peter Weidner
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Peter Weidner

Retired postal worker

Resident for 22 years

“I like it here because of the nice house I live in. The roommate is very great and we both like sports. I like the food and the cook. I like Marie’s dog, Gracie. she is a very cute dog.”

Testimonial - Rick Wells2
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Rick Wells

Retired Federal Courthouse custodian

Resident for 28 years

“I like it here because Marie cares about her tenants. The housemates are nice and get along. The room is nice and the food is very good. My roommate is very nice and we get along great!”

Testimonial - Bill Templin
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Bill Templin

Retired Bank Clerk
(22 yrs service)

Resident for 7 years.

“I like living here because I work part time in the building. Marie is a hard worker.”