Our Rich History

The Journey of Deputat Board & Lodge - From a Family Residence to a Cherished Home for Many

At Deputat Board & Lodge, our history is steeped in tradition, transformation, and an enduring commitment to providing a home for men aged 50 and above. Our welcoming and character-filled house, nestled in the heart of the Whittier Neighborhood, has grown into a supportive community, rich in history and camaraderie.

Early Days

Our homey and inviting residence at 2304 Pillsbury Avenue was built between 1900 and 1920, a time of architectural elegance. It was designed in the popular neo-Georgian style by the renowned architect William Channing Whitney. The house originally belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Willard Cray, with Judge Cray being a distinguished Minnesota Supreme Court Justice. Among Whitney's illustrious architectural designs is what is now the esteemed Minnesota Governor's Residence.

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A Special Mention - Gracie

Adding warmth and affection to our community is Gracie, Marie's beloved Mi-Ki. Her gentle nature and playful spirit have made her a cherished member of the Deputat Board & Lodge family, loved by Marie and all our residents.

Today and Beyond

Under Marie's dedicated management, and with Gracie's companionship, Deputat Board & Lodge continues to flourish. Our average resident has made this their home for 17 years, attesting to the inviting and supportive environment we offer. Our residents, men in their 50s and above, enjoy the tranquil surroundings, comfortable accommodations, and our strong sense of community.

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The Deputat Era

Emile and Helen Deputat purchased this historic property in 1970, marking the beginning of Deputat Board & Lodge. Alongside their three daughters - Marie, Ellen, and Stephanie, they transformed this charming residence into a homely boarding house. Despite the significant change, Emile, a former editor for various farm publications, and Helen, a devoted housewife, embraced the new venture. Their resilience and unwavering commitment led to the creation of a boarding house that feels like a family home.

Marie's Stewardship

In 1991, Marie bought the house from her mother Helen, who had remarried. Despite the home's change of hands, residents from as far back as the 1970s continued to find comfort and community within our walls. After Emile's passing in 1983 and Helen's return in 2009, Marie assumed the role of caring for her mother and the residents. During this time, Ellen and Stephanie relocated to Texas, carrying the Deputat spirit with them.

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Our history is more than a testament to our past - it's the foundation of our future. As we look forward, Deputat Board & Lodge remains committed to upholding the legacy of care, community, and home-like comfort established by Emile and Helen Deputat. We warmly invite you to join us and become a part of our rich history.